Campus Security

IPSA is committed to see that all persons on its premises at any given time, are safe and secure and that they are not exposed to any health or safety hazards.

To this end, the following is instituted:

  • The entire IPSA premises is a smoke free No person is allowed to smoke on its premises at any given time.
  • No open fires are allowed on premises. Only a portable barbecue apparatus may be employed when students and/or staff have a social gathering. Such a portable barbecue apparatus shall be under the constant and continued supervision of a delegated person. Under no circumstances is such an apparatus to be left unattended while it is being
  • All exit gates are to be locked during all operations at IPSA and all visitors may only enter from the automatically controlled gate in Johnston Where emergency doors are locked due to safety reasons, a key will be placed in a break-glass unit for easy access during an emergency evacuation.
  • NO hazardous or forbidden substances are allowed to be brought onto the IPSA premises at any given No weapons of any kind, including what is termed “cultural weapons”, are allowed onto the IPSA premises. No narcotics of any kind are to be on any person visiting IPSA, any employee or any student of IPSA whilst on its premises.
  • IPSA is secured by an offsite security company and an onsite security person/ caretaker and grounds men who intermittently patrol the
  • Cleaning materials used for cleaning the IPSA premises shall be stored in the IPSA storeroom and no one, save the technical staff, shall have access to it or use

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