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IPSA is a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) registered under the Company Laws of the Republic of South Africa, Registration Number: 2006/003497/08, in accordance with the Company’s Act 71 of 2008, NPO Act of 1997, as amended.

As a Private Higher Education Institute (PHEI) IPSA does not have the luxury of government funding and therefore has to accrue its own funding to ensure the smooth running and success of its programmes.

IPSA’S main source of income is student fees, but with approximately 50% of our students being from poor socio-economic backgrounds, who are either unable to or experience difficulties in paying student fees, who in most cases are promising young Islamic scholars who due to circumstance are unable to further their studies, resulting in an unfortunate high student drop-out rate, resulting in marginal fees payments received.

IPSA as an Islamic Tertiary Institution founded on Islamic Principles and Ethos aims to assist, to the best of its ability, those students who qualify for financial assistance. To realise this goal we appeal and depend on the generosity and support received from the business, academic and general community. A great percentage of IPSA’s funding is thus channelled from Zakāh, Lillāh and Ṣadaqah towards Education.

Kindly make your donations here by entering the donation amount and clicking on Donate. In the form below clearly indicate whether it is Zakāh, Lillāh, Ṣadaqah or for the Esaal al-Thawab of a loved one. Shukran Katheer.

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