Campus Health Services

IPSA will at all times have two dedicated first aiders. First aid training will be renewed in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Any injury to any person on the IPSA premises, at any given time, during its time of operation, is to be reported to one of the first aiders immediately.

  • The first aiders shall attend to the patient immediately and administer such first aid as is required. If it is an emergency or injury requiring expert medical attention, the first aider shall summon emergency assistance or emergency transport to the nearest suitable medical facility.

  • All injuries sustained on the premises of IPSA must be recorded in the Injuries Register, duly dated and signed by the first aider. The first aid given must also be recorded. This register must be submitted to the College Council (CC) each month through the scribe of the CC.

  • The first aid box shall be placed in the sick bay and must be visible. Its contents must be checked weekly and a register of its contents must be kept by the first aiders.

  • A student who feels unwell or needs rest for recovery must be admitted to the sick bay under the supervision of the first aider concerned. The patient shall be observed and, if in the opinion of the first aider, the student needs to be sent home, arrangements must be made with his/her parents or responsible relative to fetch the patient student as soon as possible. The same process is followed if the person concerned is a visitor to IPSA.

  • A patient waiting for an ambulance for transferal to a medical facility, must be supervised at all times and must not be left alone. The first aider must remain with the patient until the paramedics arrive and begin attending to the patient. The first aider must inform the paramedics what first aid had been applied and any details of the patient’s injury or condition.

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